Reconstruction of roofs

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An old roof may either be reconstructed or restored. Regarding restoration, some efforts are essential as to the insulation and water proofing.

The roofer qualified craftsman company Balluff is carrying out the demanded orders professionally. 

We do a fast and excellent service according to your requirements.

Various Options – improvements with latest technics

If you decide to renew your roof, we are in the position to submit you a wide speeded offer of covering methods: We are working with schist, tiles and shingles.  Your personal and own ideas will be considered and costs will be calculated accordingly. Mutual planning is the basis for a fruitful cooperation with our customers, who will be informed of every step taken.




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Insulation and water proofing

Insulation and water proofing are part of our works. If a roof will be restored it is easier to cover it completely and to renew all older parts.

We will do our best to give you our expertise.

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